Upgrade SCCM Current Branch to 2002

Configuration Manager current branch 2002 is available as an in-console update. It has many new features and pre-release features. Read More..

It is important to upgrade your ConfigMgr Environment to keep it under supported version category. Servicing Support Guidelines

SCCM 2002 Prerequisites

  • Back up the site database at the CAS and primary sites. This backup makes sure you have a successful backup to use for disaster recovery.
  • Disable any site maintenance task that might run during the time the update process is active
  • Stop antivirus software on the Configuration Manager servers. The antivirus software can lock some files that need to be updated which causes our upgrade to fail.

It is strongly recommended to go through the TechNet Article for complete upgrade checklist for 2002

How to get ConfigMgr 2002 update package?

When you use the current branch of Configuration Manager, you can install the in-console update for version 2002 to update your hierarchy from a previous version.

  • To get the update for version 2002, you must use a service connection point at the top-level site of your hierarchy. It will synchronize with Microsoft and you will find update in the console. (Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing). You can perform a Check for updates for latest ConfigMgr updates and hotfixes.

  • At this time, version 2002 is released for the early update ring. So, this update is not available for everyone. Use the “Fast Ring Script” to get the update in console.
  • Once the update is available, click on Download and check dmpdownloader.log for progress & errors

Run ConfigMgr 2002 Update Prerequisites
  • We will run prerequisites check before installing the ConfigMgr 2002 update. ConfigMgr will perform same prerequisite check automatically when we initiate 2002 upgrade.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 2002 -> Run prerequisite check

  • We can view the monitor the prerequisite status on console under “Monitoring\Overview\Updates and Servicing Status”. Right Click the update package and view status.

  • Details can be viewed in ConfigMgrPrereq.log on C drive of site server.

Install Configuration Manager 2002
  • Right click Configuration manager 2002 update -> Install Update Pack.
  • On General, Click Next.

  • On Features, select the features that you want to enable during the upgrade. However, it can be enabled later after upgrade under \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing\Features. Click Next.

  • On Client Update Options, select the required option.
  1. Upgrade without validating: It will replace your existing SCCM Client Package with new client package. All new client installations and client upgrades will use new client package.
  2. Validate in pre-production collection: Machines added in pre-production collection will use the new SCCM Client Package. After testing of new client package you can change the setting using Client Update Options in the Updates and Servicing node. Click Next.

  • On License Terms, check the option “I accept these License Terms and Privacy Statement”. Click Next.

  • On Summary, review the settings. Click Next.

  • Close the wizard on final completion page.

  • We can view the monitor the installation status on console under “Monitoring\Overview\Updates and Servicing Status\Configuration Manager 2002”.

  • Details can be viewed in CMUpdate.log on the primary server.
Post Upgrade Steps and Verification
  • Upgrade SCCM Console: Re-open the SCCM Console and it will prompt for newer version available. Click Ok. It will start downloading files.

            Now you will find the updated console version and Build

  • Verify 2002 Site Version: Navigate to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites -> Right Click the Site -> Properties. You will find new version and Build number for 2002.

  • Verify new ConfigMgr Client Package and Default Boot Image versions: Both will be updated automatically.

        For custom Boot Images you need to manually update, right click the Boot Images and select Update Distribution Points

        Check Reload this boot image with the current Windows PE version from the Windows ADK and Click Next.

  • Verify the Distribution Point version: It will be automatically upgraded. If there are multiple Distribution Points in the environment, then it might take some for all the DPs to upgrade.

  • Re-enabled site maintenance task.
  • Start the antivirus software services on the Configuration Manager servers.

We are done with upgrading the site, you can now test new features available in ConfigMgr 2002.

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